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Surely you’ve wanted to make a quick reform, add a wall or remove it, and you’ve hired the services of an inexperienced person. And in the end you regret that the work that that bricklayer did for you did not end up as you wanted. He was badly plumbed, badly laid casts, etc. With Reformas10 you won’t have that problem, our bricklayers in Spain offer you a quality service, guaranteed.

We have highly experienced and qualified professionals

In our company Reformas Madrid we are very committed to our customers. Our intention is to make you feel good. That’s why we only include in our team professionals who are more than qualified, to do the job you want for your house. Feel free to ask for your bricklayer’s quote and learn more about our services.

Our masons have years of experience. They are professionals prepared for any eventuality. They will also meet any level of requirement that the situation may demand. We care about the value of your money and want to make your life easier. Trust our team and you will see the results.


Our services bricklayers in Spain


For example, partitioning is hard work that requires dedication and care. In Reformas Madrid ( we have a lot of experience in partitions works of any kind. We tear down and build walls in the shortest possible time without affecting the quality of the work. And most importantly, we respect budgets.

If the waterproofing of your home or office is at risk, don’t waste time and hurry up to contact us. A break or small crack in the waterproofing can have unfortunate consequences on the structure of your home. And if your concern is the price, we suggest that you ask us for a quote for bricklayers in Spain and we will come right away to help you. But if your case is different, for example, you bought a commercial premises that is abandoned, deteriorated or have technical deficiencies, you should not look any further. We are your best option because we understand that you need fast, quality work.

Perhaps money can be a major concern in planning your renovation. But you must bear in mind that we will arrange the financing for you. We will try to give you an answer as soon as possible.

We are leaders


Not all bricklayers know how to assemble false plasterboard ceilings, or how to lay tiles, solar, plaster or cement plaster. For that reason our team of masons is formed by professionals in their area and they are experts each in their field. Let the experts guide you and you will be delighted with our work.

If you want to include acoustic or thermal soundproofing it is advisable to do so with qualified professionals. Because a badly done job can have regrettable consequences, at Renovations in Spain ( we have the best specialists, we know how to relate time, quality and price without affecting the finish of your wall. We concentrate in searching for the most suitable materials on the market in order to have a fully satisfactory result.

We strive to make sure that our work has the result you expect. That is why we always use the best materials (face bricks, materials for thermal or acoustic insulation, etc) so that your home is finished according to your preferences.

We do all kinds of renovations in offices, commercial premises and homes and we adapt to your budget. Full renovations are a simple task, we do what you need and how you want it. Our bricklayers in Spain are here to listen and advise you.

Search and compare, you will see that we do not lie to you, because in Reformas10 we like to work, generating peace of mind. Responsibility, punctuality and efficiency are qualities that define us.

Our advisors will be happy to help you realize your dreams

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