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Electricians in Spain

In Reformas10 we have an excellent team of workers in various trades. For example, our electricians in Spain are very well trained to provide you with the excellent service you need. We know that a good electric lighting is of the utmost importance for any installation. For this reason, at Reformas Madrid we have authorized electricians, they are professionals who know what they are doing. So that you can carry out your daily activities without complications and feel safe.

If we could define our team of electricians in one word it would be: Qualification. Our professionals know perfectly the physical principles of electrical installations and systems.

Some of our electrical services

We know that electricity is a very curious physical phenomenon. Since its invention man has used it for an infinite number of tasks. Mostly to provide light and make individuals feel safe in their homes or open space. We specialize in 2 types of lighting: technical lighting and industrial lighting.

Our services include the electrical inspection, installation and repairs. Changes in the electrical panel of the light, home automation and security. We include the use of new forms of energy, such as solar energy. Since we believe that it uses low-impact technologies and are more used in the every day life.

We also do custom lighting, outdoor, decorative, LED and technical lighting. We install antennas, intercoms, etc. If you enter our website and do not find a job you have in mind, you can contact us and we will quote it to you.

We are qualified professionals

Electrical reforms are a delicate task, which should not be carried out by just anyone. Much less if you have no experience in performing these jobs. A mistake that can cost you dearly is wanting to do it yourself or hiring someone without the necessary expertise, just to save money.

If you are in Spain and require an electricity company to make a new installation or solve the electrical failures, contact us.

In Reformas Madrid we have professionals capable of carrying out all types of electrical installations. We serve homeowners, commercial and office owners. Tell us what problem you have and we will help you solve it.

electricians in spain

One of the most demanded jobs is the adaptation of thermal magnetic switches. We install new plugs adapted to your needs, which can be very varied. Don’t worry, we will offer you practical solutions. With the installation of new antennas, we guarantee you a more optimal possibility in the field of telecommunications, Internet, telephone, intercoms etc.

We also renovate your electrical installations from scratch. We also make sure that the current one is in the best condition. Ask for your free and non-binding quote for Electricians in Spain.

Electricians Spain we are your best option

We think about your well-being and safety, we want to give you the best in quality. Our team is well trained, of course, accredited with the corresponding license. They have many years of training and experience in the sector. They carry out with solvency, precision and guarantee, any electrical renovation that you, as a client, have in mind.

If you are interested, you can contact us as a renovation company in Spain. Learn more about our offers, ask for a quote. Get more information, you can also ask for your quote completely free of charge. Just tell us what you want to do and we will plan your project as best suits your needs.

Electricians in Spain

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Even the safety of your home depends on good electrical installation. Don’t take risks in inexperienced hands, we know how to make a safe installation.

We are a consolidated company with years of experience in home renovations. Our trades are of an excellent standard. We care that the professional electricians we work with are the best. You can check it out by hiring our services.

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