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how to start an indoor garden

How to start an indoor garden?

How to start an indoor garden?

Do you have little outdoor space or are weather changes preventing you from keeping your plants all year long? In Reformas Madrid, as a renovation company we explain you how to start an indoor garden. This is a job that requires planning, but it will be fun and rewarding for everyone.

Benefits of having an indoor garden

Gardening is a very enjoyable hobby that will pay off for you and your family. Plants will demand attention but caring for them and enjoying their fruits can be therapeutic.

There are those who dream of having a garden in which they can sit and enjoy the outdoors. However, this is not always possible. For them there is the alternative of creating an indoor garden at home. You can enable a space to have your plants or renovate your house to build an exclusive room, with all the necessary conditions.

Taking care of your garden is relaxing and spending a lot of time at home will give you something to do in your leisure hours. Here we mention some of the benefits that you will obtain by having your plants indoors.

  • First, plants help clean the air, leading to a healthier home.
  • You can make of your garden a healthy and entertaining hobby, not only for yourself but for the whole family.
  • It will also allow you to teach your children to love nature, work with plants and even how to be self-sufficient with herbs, vegetables or fruits.
  • Helps develop cognitive functions and improve psychological well-being.
  • It also helps reduce stress, improves mood and fights anxiety.

Apart from all this, an indoor garden contributes to the aesthetics and modernization of your home .

growing plants at homeHow to start an indoor garden?

If you are determined to start your indoor garden, the first thing to do is plan it. Determine what you want to plant, in which space you will do it, and what conditions you need to improve (lighting, temperature and humidity, for example).

In general, those who choose to have a garden inside the house is because they do not have enough outside space, or they want to enjoy the plants even in winter. In both cases there are several factors to consider:

  • The space you have inside the house to start your garden, you must choose appropriate plants for that size.
  • Make sure you have enough lighting for your plants to do their natural process.
  • Control the temperature to prevent the hot or cold from damaging your plants.

These are just some elements to consider, the rest we will talk about in the following steps to start an affordable home garden.

1. Decide in which space you would like to have your garden

Identify where you would like to start the garden and make sure it is appropriate. It is convenient that it is near a window so that the plants receive enough sunlight. Otherwise, you must adapt the space with artificial lighting.

The temperature must also be adequate. For this, the plants must be away from direct sources of heat or cold. In terms of humidity, it is common for the winter to be very dry, so you will need to control the environment with a humidifier or water more often.

2. Choose the plants

Then choose the plants you would like to grow in your indoor garden. In general, any plant could be grown indoors, but there are limitations such as the size of the space. It is best to avoid very large plants or vines which can be invasive.

Many grow indoors things that they can eat. For this reason, herbs and vegetables are two of the most common options. In this sense, mint, basil, rosemary, coriander, carrot, tomatoes, and lettuce are some alternatives.

There are also fruits like blueberries and strawberries that can be grown indoors.

Another alternative is the floral plants that beautify and leave a pleasant aroma inside the house.

pots for plants3. Choose the growing medium

If you want to know how to make a simple garden at home, you must evaluate the growing media available. By this we mean whether you are sowing in a soil mix or in water.

The most common is to do it in pots with soil. This medium must have the necessary nutrients and helps the roots to hold better.

As for the hydroponic, it is a system in which water is used as a growth medium. Nutrients are added to this and the plants may grow much faster than in the soil.

Hydroponics is more complicated than in the ground and if you are starting out in gardening, maybe you should start with this u last.

growing medium4. Prepare the containers

If you decided to grow in soil, choose the containers you will use. They should be the appropriate size for the type of plant you have chosen. In addition, you can plant several types of plants in one if it has enough space for all of them to develop.

Get a potting soil mix from garden stores, as it has the nutrients and characteristics that plants need. Avoid taking it from anywhere because it can be very heavy and contain seeds that will invade your crop.

Make sure containers have adequate drainage so excess moisture does not accumulate inside.

indoor garden5. Start sowing

To know how to start a garden inside the house, you must learn how to plant the plants. First add some of the potting mix to the container. You can stir a bit to make sure it’s a little loose.

Then place the seeds and then cover them with the rest of the mixture. Depending on the plant you are sowing, the seeds must be at a certain depth. The packages usually have this information, or you can also ask at your trusted garden store.

6. Irrigation and maintenance of plants

What follows is watering the plants. If you do not have experience, it is normal for you to doubt how often you must do it.

Keep the soil moist, if you insert your finger and it feels dry, then it needs more water. As the seeds germinate, the demand for liquid is greater than when the leaves begin to sprout. However, you must be careful not to drown the plants.

Good drainage is also important because excess water can cause the roots to rot.

In addition to watering, you should also fertilize the plants and prune them as part of maintenance.

Now you know how to start an indoor garden. If you are careful it is easier than it seems, and you will benefit from relaxing moments near your plants. Are you thinking of adapting a room to have your garden? Contact us .

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