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Painters in Spain

In Reformas 10 we have painters in Spain of background and experience who know what they’re doing. They are professional painters with years of experience that offer you the highest quality when making changes in the colors of the walls of your home.

Count on professional painters in Spain

When customizing or remodeling a space, whether it is our home, office or public place in Spain, the ideal is to make changes that allow it to look much better. One of the elements that makes this possible is painting.

There are different types of paintings, as well as colours and textures that can change the tone and atmosphere of a space. Whether they are dark or light colors, they all offer us some kind of information and influence our mood. That is why the colour and the paintis so important to create an atmosphere in a room.

We guarantee an excellent painting service

It is not only being able to paint. by this we mean dipping the brush in paint and then applying it back and forth over a surface. Our professional painters in Spain know that it is more complex than this.

We have a team of painters who know paint application techniques that can be adapted to any surface. They also work with all kinds of paints.

Everything to guarantee our customers that we do an impeccable job in the areas in which we specialize. You can check it out by choosing us for any paint application project. Whether it’s to completely renovate your home or just to paint it, among many other options.

Our team of painters knows the most modern techniques and the most avant-garde trends. As well as more traditional methods. So we are very serious when we say that the team knows and masters all painting styles and techniques.

In addition, we offer the best value for money. You can count on cheap painters, but without sacrificing the good finish of the paint job in your home.

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Reformas Madrid 10: Painters in Spain

Our professional painters have made painting their profession and this is where they project their future. So they are committed to each work done is a demonstration of the level and quality we handle. These are one of several artists in our works.

If you want to do your renovation project with us, whether you want us to paint your property or do a complete renovation, remove droplets or give a facelift when painting your floor, let us know. Ask for quote for renovations in Spain.

Tell us what you think and we’ll do it. Choose the color, its hue, brightness and saturation. As we said in the introduction, each color induces a different mood. So, tell us how you want to feel and we will fulfill your wishes.

Experience painters in Spain

Our painters perform various painting jobs on a variety of surfaces and materials. Like:

Smooth surfaces
Goteléé. Remove Goletéé
Exterior paint and interior
Decorativa and industrial paint.
Varnishes on wood
Enamels. Lacquers.
Plastic paint.

And many more. If you need any work that is not on our lists, please contact contact with us and ask for it. You will be able to see that we comply and have experience in the sector.

Talk to us about your project

It is important to remember that the quote is completely free. Just ask us what you want and we will analyze the proposal, carrying out a planning project. We have efficient and expert workers in each of the trades they perform, such as our painters Spain.

Every day they develop their work and are open to knowledge, always learning and putting it into practice. Since we think that, to become experts, the learning process is constant for painting like a professional.

professional painters madrid

We are your reliable company of painters in Spain

We paint flats, houses, commercial premises, whatever you need. For more information on affordable paint quotes

Steps for painting your house

The first thing we do is talk to you about the color you want. If you want to replicate some shade you already have you can show us the reference to find the color you are looking for. We can help you identify the color, finish and type of paint.

Then, when it is time to start the painting work we proceed to protect the work area. We cover the furniture and floors with protective plastic. We make sure that every part of the room is cared for and protected.

Our team of painters prepares the walls before applying the paint. For example, it fills in any gaps or cracks, sands any surface that is not flat or removes traces of previous paint. This leaves a flat, clean surface for a perfect finish.

The painters in Spain with full experience apply the new paint, which is always of first quality and gives a perfect finish. Finishing options are several, including flat, matte, satin, gloss and more. Each one offers different benefits.

And finally, when the paint is dry we remove all the materials that we used to work and you have your house ready and as good as new. As a painters company we care about leaving everything clean and in perfect condition.

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