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In Reformas10 we think about you and we want to offer you the best options for the bedroom renovation in Spain. Having a place to rest after a long day is key to your physical and mental health. We adapt your space to your tastes and needs. We place the lights and furniture you need, paint in the color that gives you more calm and much more.

Do you want to replace your furniture?

In your room the bed, the bedside tables and the wardrobe are the most important pieces of furniture, the rest will serve you for more comfort. You can contact us to have our carpenters design and make a custom one, all without spending too much money. As a company specializing in bedroom renovation in Spain we are concerned with offering quality at the best price.

At Reformas Madrid (Reformas10) we have a wide range of furniture ideas to suit your budget. But if you want something different, we can also help you, because we make the furniture that best suits your needs.

Do you like the furniture you saw in an exhibition but your husband doesn’t? Don’t worry, we provide advice to adapt to all tastes without going over your budget.

Thinking of you: Bedroom renovation in Spain

Our service of bedroom renovation in Spain aims to create an ideal space for relaxation. But you may also need a small place for an office, or a space for reading. We adapt to whatever you ask.


Is the space in your room not enough? If you want to extend your bedroom, we help you to distribute your place of rest. That’s why we have the best technical team that will make this a movie place. In addition, we have a wide variety of products and materials that will make your bedroom a worthy place to relax.


Experience 90%
Quality of the designs 93%
Delivery time 91%
Quaranty satisfaction 95%

Are you worry about the roofs and floors?

We have decided to talk to you about our services, among them we recommend the bedroom renovation in Spain. In Reforms 10 we will make sure to give you the best place of rest you can ask for. Request your free quote on our website.

Tell us about your idea, what you want for your or your children’s bedroom and we will give you a free, no obligation quote.

Renovate a small bedroom

Bedroom renovation in Spain can be a challenge if it is small. But there are many tricks and ideas we can carry out to make it the space to recharge and rest.

The main challenge is to avoid clutter, so we create furniture that serves as both storage and decoration space. Especially those that are adapted to the walls.

A color scheme also helps a lot to make a bedroom look bigger. Our painters recommend the lightest and most neutral tones.

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