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In Reformas10 today we want to talk to you about the complete house renovations in Spain. We carry out integral renovatios or of each space in your home, whether it is a house or a flat. We adapt to your needs. As a company of renovations in Madrid and Spain we have more than 10 years of experience, we always work to offer our clients only the best.

Complete house renovation in Spain: Not all off them are expensive

The investment in your home renovation project in Spainwill depend on what you want to do and your preferences in terms of materials and design. For example, marble countertops are more expensive than granite, or built-in appliances are more expensive than traditional ones.

However, if you decide on cheaper options, you can save a few euros. The intention is to achieve maximum functionality and a good return on your investment in case you need to sell.

The price of renovating entire homes in Spain will depend on what you want to change in your home. You can talk to us about your needs and we will guide you through the process.

House Renovations in Madrid

In Reformas10 we are your reliable company to carry out the renovations in your home. We are responsible. We meet the deadlines.

Options for comprehensive housing renovations in Spain

A key part of a complete house renovation in Spain is the renovation of the kitchen. This space is perhaps the first one we want to renovate, because it is usually very busy and used.

We recommend paying more attention to the cabinets and accessories, these are aspects that future buyers take into account. For example, a good refrigerator will help you save money on your electric bill (by saving energy), as well as conserve your food better.

A worktop made of good material, and a cabinet with sufficient storage space and modern design are key aspects of a kitchen. The floor in this space should be chosen carefully, as there will be a lot of traffic and it is best that it is easy to clean.

Bathroom renovations is also key in a complete renovation of a house, it will improve the quality of life. Replacing the bathtub with a shower tray will give you more security, especially if there are children or elderly people. A new sink with a customised unit will make this space look renewed.

Changing the ceramic on the floors and walls is a renovation with works, but it will greatly improve the space. Even small details without works like putting up a new curtain will give your bathroom a renewed look. It all depends on the budget you have available for it.

While there are major reforms, such as adding a new room, making an extension, a new bathroom. This increases the value of your home, and means a good return on investment when you sell.

There are other options of cheap reform of flats Spain, you can also apply them in a house.

  • Change the air conditioning system. Changing heating and air conditioning, including ventilation, will save you money in the long run.
  • Adding modern elements to your home. As built-in appliances, or water-saving toilets.
  • Check piping and wiring. Increasing their capacity or checking that they do not have problems is very important in a renovation.
  • Soundproofing spaces at home.
  • Replace the roof or covers. Check the waterproofing.
  • Paint the living room and bedrooms, including the outside, as the facade.
  • Maintain the renovations.
  • A flat or a small house always has spaces that we do not use and we can take advantage of them in another way. The renovation experts can help you with adapted furniture under the stairs, for example.
reforms of houses and bathrooms

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