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Everyone will like to have a kitchen where they are drive to cook. This is the place in our home that our friends and family often focus on when they visit us. Therefore we invite you to carry out the kitchen renovation in Spain. This is a common and busy point for those who come to taste what you are cooking, children playing, maybe pets staring at the food… Anyway, we can’t stop imagining everything that happens in this part of our home. The space must be large and pleasant. That’s why in Reformas Madrid we can help you in your needs to make this space a better place.

Get advice from our team

kitchensWe care about our clients and we have professional services of excellent quality. If you want to remodel or renovate your kitchen you can do it with our help. We promise that we will meet your demands and you will be satisfied with our work.

It is important to note that you can request quote completely free, so you can discuss, analyze and decide. Our priority is quality finishes and fair prices. In other words, a good quality/price ratio, we stand out from the rest for our speed and clean work.

Our certified team can help you by advising you so that you get the best professional indications. This way you will know the best way to get the kitchen renovation in Spain you want.

We advise you to have a better distribution of the space, an excellent furniture, good floors and walls. Also about the necessary electrical, gas and water installations. So that your kitchen works and looks like new. Just like when he first saw her, but better.

Team of professionals

We have integration services for furniture, decorated ceilings, flooring and electrical installations. As well as tiling, false ceilings, we adapt spaces, we offer American kitchens, islands, whatever you prefer! You can get the best for your kitchen from us, you won’t regret it. We carry out full renovation work both of kitchens for homes and companies, and we cover all the relevant trades:

  • Masonry: partitions, waterproofing, plasterboard and false ceilings, soundproofing, fine cleaning of the work, etc.
  • Painting: smooth, stucco, gotelé, enamels, varnishes, exterior/interior, wallpaper, decorative/industrial.
  • Plumbing: gas, water and heating
  • Electricity: revision and installation, change of the light box, solar energy, custom-made lighting (exterior, decorative, led, technical)
  • Carpentry: stainless steel, aluminum, wood, pvc, metal, built-in cabinets, kitchen furniture and much more

Contact us for your kitchen renovation in Spain

If you need a job that does not appear within our services on the web you can contact us. We offer so many more services than you do, your family and friends can enjoy them.

We have been in the business for 20 years and every year we continue to learn from our customers. Because of this, our success and, of course, our wonderful team of professionals and experts who offer the best finish and quality in their work. We are committed to the customer and his needs. We guarantee the work carried out under contract and the start and finish times.

If you need to renovate your kitchen we are the best option. Remember that consulting for a quote is completely free and our prices are fair.

Our advisors will be happy to help you realize your dreams

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