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Who we are

In Reformas10we are a company founded in 1984, which means that we have been in the reform business for more than 30 years. We work renovating houses, floors, offices and commercial premises. Whatever you need us for, we can help you.

Renovations have always been our job in 3 decades, so we are experts.

Why Reformas10?

Having more than 30 years in the renovation market is synonymous with success. There are four main principles that explain this:

  1. Quality guarantee of our work.
  2. A professional and experienced team. As well as honest.
  3. Good price/quality ratio.
  4. We always meet the deadlines. We are responsible.

We follow these four principles in each of our works. This is how we ensure your satisfaction with our services.

From the moment you tell us your idea, our work begins. You explain us your project, what you want to achieve and your preferences. This is how we plan and make the budget, which is without commitment. In this one we put everything in detail, broken down. This way you will know the price of each material and the labor.

As we mentioned the quote is free. So don’t be afraid to ask and consult with us. By having an idea of the costs you will be able to compare, evaluate if it is what you need, analyze well and thus decide with all the information at hand.

In order to give you the quote we make different calculations about the materials and labour needed. We measure your property to get all the information. In this we also include aspects such as delivery times, start date and guarantees of the work.

Planning and coordination

In as experts in Renovations in Spain we have in our group professionals, who are responsible for carrying out the various tasks required in your home or apartment. Our carpenters, painters, masons, electricians and plumbers work from the coordination and planning we do.

By having a planning, the tasks that are determined are the ones that can be done at the same time as others and the ones that are essential to be able to carry out the following ones. For example, if you are going to renovate your bathroom, first the plumbers and bricklayers work, then the painters and carpenters put the furniture in place.

Our supervisors ensure that the planning is carried out and verify that the results are of the expected quality. All of us at Reformas 10 focus on the success of the projects we carry out, that is part of our values as a company. We seek to ensure that each project is in line with the objectives and that the client is satisfied.

Request a quote

For the renovation of your home, office or premises

As a renovation company we seek to offer the best prices to our clients for their projects. We know that there are works that are usually very expensive, so our goal is to find options that allow you to save. And one way is that we buy the materials we use most annually, when we buy large quantities we get discounts.

We also have agreements with ceramic material sales companies. These help us to offer you deductions.

In this way we can offer you the best estimates for your renovations, or give special discounts to our customers. So you will have no doubt about hiring us for your renovation project. We aim to offer you the best value for money in your renovation.

Planning and coordination is one of our mottos, the departments within Reformas10 are characterized by very good communication. Furthermore, our experience allows us to give you the certainty that we will carry out the works in record time. Which in turn allows for cost reductions.

Our goals and other services

In Reformas Madrid our main objective is to fulfil your ideas for the renovations of homes, offices or commercial premises. We want to improve your quality of life, by creating comfortable spaces adapted to your needs. That you are happy and satisfied with the work we do is our goal.

Making a renovation implies more aspects than the works. Among them the financing of the renovation, if you require it we can help you in this matter. We also arrange accommodation for you and your family outside your home if the renovation requires you to leave your home for a few days. Our goal is to meet your needs.

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