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Specialists in House Renovations in Spain for your home or office

In Reformas Madrid 10 we have good prices for your house renovations in Spain. In addition to a good team of professionals. As well as extensive experience in high quality renovations. Get to know some of our services:

reform your kitchen

Kitchen renovation

We offer a variety of kitchen renovation services. It all depends on the scope of your project and your budget. We can help you with everything from renovating the countertops, to painting the furniture for a low-budget renovation.

We can also do a complete renovation, rework the plan and make it more efficient according to your new needs.

Bathroom renovation in Madrid

Bathroom Renovations

We help you to renovate your bathroom, we are specialists in finding the perfect solution and we create the designs to transform your space into the bathroom of your dreams. We use the highest quality materials and ensure that they are cost effective.

We have technicians to handle all aspects of your renovation, removing items and installing new ones. They are the best plumbers who will give you guarantees of long term satisfaction.

living room renovations in Spain

Living Room Renovation

Count on us for your living room renovation project. We are experts and can help you with your idea. You may want to include more functionality, modern elements and accessories, rearrange spaces and install elements such as shelves, special lights, windows and more.

As an experienced renovation company we can help you in every step of the living room renovation. We are dedicated to completing the project in the time frame indicated and that it fits the costs.

iluminación de dormitorio

Bedroom renovation

Renovate your bedroom with us, we are a renovation company in Madrid that knows the importance of this room in your home. Because it is the place of rest and relaxation. If you get tired of your color scheme, or think you need to change the lighting or the floor; even if you want to renovate the whole space, we can help you.

A complete renovation of your bedroom can enhance your relaxation. It also adds functionality and efficiency. Overall, you’ll have a happier house.

In addition, you can contact us for office renovations and complete home renovations in Spain.

Our professionals in House Renovations in Spain

Count on the best professionals for your renovation

In our team we have certified Bricklayers in Spain. With us, in Reformas 10 you can make integral renovations and constructions of first quality. We comply with all requirements and measures to offer only quality.

With our painters in Spain you can make your rooms or the façade of your house look like new. Hiring a professional service brings many benefits, because they can paint any surface with an excellent finish.

In Reformas 10 we have specialized plumbers, they have homologated tools and are constantly updating their area. They can install, inspect and replace pipes and fittings on your commercial property or in your home.

Our electricians offer reliable service and installation, with the best technology. In addition, we help you with the maintenance of your home’s electrical systems. We also designed from scratch your electrical renovation.

Our carpenters in Spain have the professional experience and skill to build and install whatever you need. We make personalized furniture, tailored to your home.

We work in wood and metalwork.

Know our company Reformas 10

In Reformas10 we have more than 30 years of experience in the business. Our renovation company was founded in 1984 in Madrid. Since then we have not stopped working on renovating homes, offices and commercial premises.

We’ve always been in the renovation business. That is why we are experts and have a team of professionals behind us. We are a reference in integral renovations of houses, offices and commercial premises.

If you want to renovate your house in Spain count on us, we are here to fulfill your dreams. We are professionals, we respect the deadlines. We also listen to our customers. And when the work is done, we leave your house or premises in perfect condition. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up dust or debris from any renovation work we’ve done.

Constant communication with the client of house renovations in Madrid

By keeping in constant communication with our clients we can offer solutions to any problem that may arise in the middle of the renovation. We know that these are things that can happen, and we seek to help you so that this does not become a headache.

Furthermore, we listen to what he wants for his reform and we look for ways to make it a reality.

What do we do as a company specialize in home remodeling in Spain?

We strive to maintain high quality standards, even if we use low cost materials. All this while exceeding customer expectations in the levels and type of works. We make renovation of bathrooms and small renovations. Also kitchen renovations in Spain.

renovation projectWe redesigned every space and bedroom so that you can change your house without having to move. We can renovate every area of your home to modernize it and make it more comfortable. We can achieve this with partial renovations, integral renovations or renovations without works.

Full home renovations in Spain are one of our specialities. We concentrate on fulfilling your projects.

refurbishment projects

We offer quality assurance of our comprehensive renovation procedure. Our team has extensive experience and a lot of professionalism.

You can also count on competitive prices, but this does not prevent us from offering quality. We comply with the delivery times established by contract. That is why we are honest and responsible in the services we have available. We provide free estimates for you to evaluate, compare, analyze and decide.

construction professionalsWe are a company with more than 30 years of experience, but that does not stop us from training and growing. Our professionals, experts in different areas, are constantly preparing and studying new things in their area. And of course, everything they have learned will be put into practice in your renovation.

If you want to carry out a full renovation in Madrid our certified professionals are experts in a variety of trades. They seek to fulfill your goals by changing your home. Therefore, they strive to do quality work. With them your house will be in the best hands. And remember that you can ask for your quote without any obligation.

Work guaranteed by your renovation company in Spain

In Reformas Madrid 10, as a company, we are known for meeting the delivery deadlines that we indicate to our customers at the beginning of the project. We are responsible. And always complying with quality standards in all the work we do, whether it is a complete or partial renovation.

The timing of the renovation is set after the budget is made. And after planning all the work that needs to be done. We made clear from the outset the start and completion date of your renovation.

In short, we are one of the renovation companies that meet these deadlines in all projects. That is why, in the more than 30 years that we have been operating, doing various types of work, we have always complied.

To give our clients even more confidence in the compliance of their reform delivery dates in the contracts we include a penalty clause in case of delay. This invites us to be more responsible, if necessary we put more workers on your site, or do overtime.

In this way we will be able to complete your renovation in the time we indicated at the beginning. Full home renovations in Spain are always of the highest quality. It is not by meeting deadlines that we lower our standards.

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