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How to choose a renovation company?

How to choose a renovation company?

Follow these steps, and you can choose a renovation company that will do the best job for your home. At Reformas10 we explain what you need to consider when picking someone to entrust your bathtub replacement or to install the new kitchen tiles. Read on to learn more.

Which room should I renovate first?

When having a limited budget for home renovations, a question that comes to mind is which room renovation will increase the value of my home? You should know that this answer may change over time.

Although if you must choose a room to renovate first. You’ll want to pick the one that helps you recoup your renovation costs and helps balance your expenses.

For this reason, many prefer to choose the kitchen or bathroom as the room they renovate first in their home. Although kitchen renovation is typically more expensive, it achieves a higher return on investment. It means that over time the changes you make will pay for themselves.

It will also depend on the current state of your bathroom, kitchen, and other rooms. So, you must do calculations and ask for a quote.

The major investments in the kitchen, but it has the highest return on investment. Buying stainless steel appliances, installing quartz or granite countertops, and new flooring or wall tiles are the best options.

In the bathroom, you can add a new floor, sink, and toilet. As well as accessories, these are a good investment.

When renovating, it is not a good idea to just consider the money. Being comfortable at home is another reason for you to do a renovation. Think about where do they spend the most time?

Perhaps you already think that you will live there for several years therefore raising the sale value is not something that crosses your mind. So, little by little you can renovate each room. In this case, perhaps the bathroom is urgent, before the kitchen.

renovation companyHow to choose a renovation company?

When you want to renovate your home, at least you want to do the work yourself, and you have the skills for it. You will need to hire a renovation company. Deciding between the various options can be a headache. How can I tell if someone is good at their job?

Consider that choosing someone to do renovation work is the same as picking an employee for a job. In that case, you would not hire the first one to send you their resume. You would see several first. Do the same, do not hire the first company, go analyzing, and choose the best candidates.

To compare the renovation companies, you must see their portfolios, samples of previous work. Ask for their license to work, look reviews from other people who have hired them, and finally, compare quotes.

Make a list of companies

The first thing is to make a list of possible contracting companies for your renovation. You can start by searching the internet. Also, talk with friends who have done renovations in their houses, ask neighbors, and even consult on your social networks.

Once you have a list of at least ten options or more. It is time to start narrowing it down by looking for the ones with the most experience, with good online reviews, and those who have personally recommended you.

When you have five or less already defined, contact them, ask for a quote and samples of their work. Consider if it is hard to communicate with them. If they do not have their information on their website or do not have a presence on social networks, likely, they are not trusted.

Compare budgets and previous works

Choose contractors who specialize in the type of renovation you want to do. For example, if you contact a company specialized in bathroom renovations. They will not be the best option if what you want to change is the kitchen.

If you want a specific renovation, you should ask them if they know and can do it. And that gives you samples of when they have done them.

A portfolio of their projects from the last year will help you decide on one or another renovation company. Maybe they have this online on their website, so it will be much easier to see it and chose. They should always have photos of before, during, and after the renovation.

If they have very few projects, don’t have pre-renovation photos, or don’t look right, they probably are not trustworthy. If you don’t like any of their jobs, then it’s not the company for you.

Do you want to have an indoor garden? Ask the company if they have experience doing this kind of job.

Ask about their license and their certification

Depending on the jobs you require, you may need certified workers. For example, if you must change the electrical wiring, it is best to trust certified electricians in Madrid. It will give you greater security and confidence that they will do a good job.

Besides, in general, the renovation company must have its legal documents to carry out your work safely and legally.

Confirming the credentials of the company is an important point to choose a renovation company.

Check the online reviews

Today with social networks and Google, it is easy to find positive or negative comments about a company. You can also ask acquaintances.

If you search the internet and find very few comments, it may be that the company is very new or do not have as many previous jobs. On these platforms, you will see comments on the customer’s experience with contractors.

Also, see how the company reacts to those comments. See if they are friendly if they work on solving the problems.

Finally, among the tips on the answer on how to choose a renovation company? You must know what you want. So you will know your budget, you can look for professionals who specialize in this type of work. Contact us if you need a renovation company in Madrid.

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